Make Your Non-Profit Organization Stand Out

If you build your nonprofit on a solid foundation using principles that have been proven over many years, you can endure the pitfalls of those who chose to “reinvent the wheel” and do it on their own. With the right help, your nonprofit can avoid the problems many experience in their beginning that can impact their future, even their survival.

Services Available

Roger Helle Ministries has a number of services to offer non-profits for both new/startups as well as established non-profits that want to take their programs to the next level of effectiveness.

Staff Training

After 40 years of faith-based ministry leadership experience, the Helle’s have learned many valuable lessons on how to build a great team and how to help your team know and develop their gifts. We teach principles to strengthen staff/employee relationships, build unity and a great workplace environment. We can share these lessons with your organization.

Leadership Training

What are some of the principles that great leaders use to grow their programs? If a nonprofit has great leadership they can have a great program. What does that look like?

Board Training

Getting committed board members is a lot more difficult than in years past.  What makes a good board member?  How do you motivate your board to grow your nonprofit?


Just as finding good board members is essential, how to raise financial support is the biggest (and usually least enjoyed) responsibility of a leader. What does fundraising that honors God look like? How do you handle special events (banquets, golf events, walkathons, etc)? Donor communications is another critical area to be developed.


One-on-one mentoring of leaders to develop their leadership ability. To learn how to lead well with integrity and character.


The Mission of Roger Helle Ministries is to mentor and assist new or struggling non-profit organizations with the lessons learned from 40 years of non-profit experience

We want to provide assistance at low cost or at no cost to these programs. We want to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever setting or venue possible. We want to provide counsel to faith based programs to help build strong leadership teams and work with integrity. Organizations that operate under these guidelines do help to grow the Kingdom of God. We also want to continue to assist ministries in other countries with training and counsel to help them be more effective.